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March 26th, 2015 -- Press Release: Launch of WY Outside Challenge to Engage Youth Statewide PDF

February 27th, 2015 -- Proclamation Signed by Governor Matt Mead Establishing Wyoming Youth Outdoor Bill of Rights PDF

Wyoming Youth Outdoor Bill of RightsPDF

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Recreation Tip

Bring a whistle/signal mirror

Our Vision

Foster the mind, body, and spirit of youth and families
by inspiring a long-term appreciation of the Wyoming
outdoors through education, interaction, and adventure."

2015 WY Outside Challenge

Are you ready to get outside? The very first WY Outside Challenge is underway! It’s time to show your outdoor enthusiasm with the WY Outside Challenge, a fun-filled, year-long event that encourages youth and families to explore the Wyoming outdoors.

  • Download/print a scorecard
  • Accumulate 200 points over the course of the year,
  • Take pictures/video of your adventures,
  • Have fun engaging in the outdoors!

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By being outdoor role models to our peers, siblings and adults, we can start a chain reaction that will get more people outside, one person at a time.
-2010 Wyoming Youth Congress Delegate
Outside Idea
Look at bugs.